5 Major Reasons You Need A car In 2019

One Of The Major Challenges facing Kenya right now is the Transport sector and In the recent years the Government really screwed up Kenyans by certain acts that have caused loss of millions and making some people go broke by their lousy decisions Lets take a look at some Transport Sector scandals From School Buses,To Michuki Rules(Major Disaster) and hiking of fuel Price By 8%. But Does 2019 seem to be a walk in the park or we still might face common issues as we have faced In the Risen past.Now Here Are The Major Reason For Owning A car Of Your Own

1.) Wholesale is better than Retail

Yes,you got that right.take for instance some one who owns his or her car,The only investment that they make to move from point A to point B is re-fueling the car at the re-fill station and they are done , but what about for the ones relying on public means?They have to pay very little amounts each day to reach their destination from; Motor bikes payment to Taxis payments,to matatus’ payment and worse of it all,fare charges this days seem to be like the new Nairobi stock exchange charts you never know if the fare might hike at any time because of.Ooh the weather,Ooh the traffic,Ooh the Fuel prices.Good guys if you love your money choose to go whole sale and buy a car rather than buy retail and as much as you go with that public means for 10 years twenty years it will never be your car
2.)Personal privacy

Why did Uber make 2.8 billion in revenues ?Its very much evident people spending millions on uber because they want more of their personal space to themselves rather than the public of which .Nothing seems more good like your personal space and being treated as one but not as a mass.Simple question if you get late at the Bus station will the Driver and the 50 passengers on board wait for you? But having your own car leave alon uber makes things even more better.You get to leave whenever you want,travel whenever you want,stop at any place you want.

3.)comfortable and Convinient

This is one of the major advantages of owning a car.That is why we have got close to 20 automotive companies in the world.If a matatu is not comfortable with you,you get to choose the Audi.If you feel the Audi is boring you get to choose the Bentley.But what if you are a public transporter.If the Sacco at your area have all of them Matatus’ Toyota you have to deal with the discomfort from Monday to Saturday.Listen to music and Radio programs that you don’t want as compared to you having a car.If you feel you want to sell and Buy a new car it’s Okay with you

4.)Notable Investment

What else would you do after paying all your lousy Bills?At least Buying yourself a car.Its a worthy investment second to Buying a Land But just in case you guys don’t know.Having a car increases your social proof compared to some one who looks organize and has no car.Its notable since you get to get a loan with it if you have no asset to show.Also Investing in quality road trips over the weekends seem very great taking that wonderful breast for a ride.

5.)Cheaper and Affordable

You really don’t have to work 60 hours a week for 10 years to buy yourself a car.Come one..As we are speaking just go to Facebook market places There are offers of cars from 100,000 good condition.By good condition I mean The engine is perfect.Importing a car in 2019 from japan and Germany will be easy by the advantage of E-commerce websites .You don’t have to involve an intermediary.some car dealer in Kenya are also offering Hire Purchase offer where yo pay for the car in Installments.So if you are my Friend 2019 and you are not dreaming of owning a car or even having a car soon.We need to sit and review on your Life goals and future plans.

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