5 secret successes To selling cars

1.)Create Trust

One major governing principle when it comes to sale is the ability to create trust between the buyer and seller.Selling yourself .Before someone buys something from you considering a car is a big investment.They will have to like you.Appear more of a friend than a seller.Make them laugh,Listen to them find out why they prefer buying the car or the car they had previously and why they are buying it.This act really will Help you alot

2.) Listen to the customer needs and wants (60-40)rule

Talk is..Talk is cheap.when it comes to a big investment such as a car.Buyers tend to buy with emotions more than Logic.Let the car buyer give you all the specifications required,If the buyer wants a Toyota with specific qualifications.Please as a car sales person deliver that.Ask the buyer questions on the car he/she wants, what requirements required.We all love someone listening to us talk Right? Then give the buyer that opportunity to.

3.) sell the car with no memories attached

This is common with individual car owners.Have seen it occur occasionally.Despite your car serving you for all those years and the places it has been, people it has carried. When it comes the time to sell it,the potential buyer does not care about that.Incase you had mounted specific items on the car that appear personal please remove.Instances such as over valuing price of the car with close to 70% should be avoided.Incase the car is going for 250,000Ksh and there is no agent involved don’t value it at 500,000Ksh.It will take you time selling it and it will appear to be disloyalty

4.)Make the car as clean as possible

Good price but an unkept car will definitely make the buyer to run away.

a.)selling online

In case of selling the car using social media platforms please ensure that the pictures are of high quality.Meaning the body is not dirty,the engine is not dirty and also pictures of the interior.Incase the seats are worn out it would be better and do a fix then increase the car value

b.)Incase of car in a yard

Make sure that the cars you are selling are clean as possible.First Impression really matters.Make sure the engine is clean at all because majority of the buyers do not know Alot about the car engine.They just want to know if it looks good.An unclean car is a definitely given that the car was not being taken care of.

5.)Be flexible

Incase you have a buyer who is really interested with the car you are selling or affiliating it would be better you also include the buyers needs.Incase the car is not in a yard and the buyer wants to view .You might ask them where they feel safe viewing the car.Gas station work best.Do not be rigid as to the term they have to come up to where you are.This is also one way of including trust as we had said earlier on.

Make the price negotiable,Don’t stick to the same price you had told them.Incase they want a slight decrease,you have to give them logical explanation as to why it will be difficult for you to move down.Incase the buyer’s offer seems to be good.You might cost share the price 50-50.Incase you feel in debt as the sales person for not offering a less price you might offer fueling the car for them for free.This differentiates you from the rest of car sales person out there.

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